The Casentino wool fabric has been used since the Middle Age for blankets for the animals or for the Franciscan friars’ cowls, because of its characteristic strength and durability. It went on to make its fortune in the 18th century, when the wool fabric became the primary product in the numerous wool mills of the Casentino Valley. After having become a fashionable and trendy clothing in the 19th century, thanks to its peculiar “swirls” or “curls” and to its classic green and orange colours, the Casentino fabric led the two small towns of Stia (the native land of this wool fabric) and Soci, to an economic and industrial evolution.  Today, Casentino fabric with its long tradition, still preserves its charming made in Italy style, keeping pace with the ever-changing fashion world and attracting an ever more demanding public.


Casentino coats start at $995.